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Bonaire turtle

Bonaire - Netherlands Antilles

Bonaire is at the south end of the Caribbean Sea, 50 miles off the coast of South America. The climate is dry. "Winter" temps are in the 80's, summer highs well over 100 degrees. Bonaire's landscape has a stark beauty. The island is covered in rocks and cactus, and is mostly open land populated by iguanas and wild burros. The whole island has just 16,000 residents, with the majority living in or near Kralendijk. There are some nice restaurants and stores, a casino, and several quaint public malls and open squares.

Bonaire is 1200 miles southeast of Miami, FL

The contrast between Bonaire topside and underwater is stunning. Bonaire's warm clear water and spectacular reefs are a dive photographer's paradise. Corals reefs, walls, invertebrates, sponges, sea horses, frog fish, garden eels, tropical fish of countless variety and more. The reefs are healthy and thick. The entire island's economy revolves around diving, and no wonder. Bonaire's reefs are arguably the Caribbean's finest, and among the best places in the world for dive photography.

A shy reef resident

A lighting-fast bite

Each underwater subject presents unique challenges. Getting images of natural behavior takes patience and persistence. The better you know your subject, the more successful you will be. To excel as an underwater photographer perfect buoyancy is as important as your skills with a camera.

Secretary Blenny

Bonaire reef wonderland

A Frogfish's lure

Hidden Filefish
Deep Bonaire wall

Juvenile Drumfish

Turtle and videographer

Juvenile Threespot Damselfish

Getting to far flung destinations takes considerable expense and effort. If you have the opportunity to dive the world's best locations for underwater photography, it's nice to have the right tools to get the shot. The right gear makes it easier. These images were taken with a Nikon D200 DSLR and dual Inon strobes.

Anemone shrimp

Queen Parrotfish

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